Room 6: Famous people who suffered from epilepsy

Epilepsy has nothing to do with mental disease or retardation. This has been proved beyond all doubt by the "epileptic geniuses", people who achieved great things in spite of suffering from epilepsy.

The following selection shows people who had epileptic seizures at a certain stage in their life or who suffered from a chronic form of epilepsy for many years.

The fact that hardly any women are to be found among the "famous epileptics" is not because statistically fewer women suffer from epilepsy than men (48 to 52), but can be explained by the social conditions prevalent in past eras. It was infinitely more difficult for women to become prominent figures than it was for men, thus it was deemed more interesting to pass on accounts of the life and deeds of men than to record the less spectacular achievements of women.

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Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) Gaius Julius Caesar (100-44 B.C.) Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880) F. M. Dostoyevsky (1823-1881)

Vincent van Gogh
Dutch painter

G. Julius Caesar
Roman Statesman

Gustave Flaubert
French Writer

F.M. Dostoyevsky
Russian Writer

Saint Paul (approx. 10-64) Heracles Napoleon Bonaparte Arch Duke Charles of Austria

Saint Paul

Greek Hero

Napoleon Bonaparte
French Emperor

Arch Duke Charles
Austrian Warlord

Pope Pius IX. (1792-1878) Ludwig II. Duke of Württemberg (1439-1457) Alfred Nobel (1833-1896) Lord Byron

Pius IX.

Ludwig II.
Duke of Württemberg

Alfred Nobel
Swedish Chemist

Lord Byron
English Poet

Alexander der Große Hermann von Helmholtz Jeanne d'Arc Molière

Alexander the Great
Macedonian King

Hermann von Helmholtz
German Physicist

Joan of Arc
French Saint

French Playwright

Karl V. Rudi Dutschke Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Socrates

Karl V.
Austrian Emperor

Rudi Dutschke
German Student Leader

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
Russian Revolutionist

Greek Philosopher

  Cardinal Richelieu Margaux Hemingway  

Cardinal Richelieu
French Statesman

Margaux Hemingway
American Actress


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